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Olivia, Ariana, Sabrina, Matt, Cheryl, Nick, Liz, Dan, and Dave
The whole wedding party
It's a celebration!
Sabrina and Matt In the Queen's Courtyard
The bridal party
The bridal bouquets, with flowers all hand made by family and friends.
The groom's party
Sabrina, Matt, and the officiant, Cheryl
The happy couple
Jumping, dipping, and dancing in the Queen's Courtyard
Another pose in the Queen's Courtyard
Pretty typical expressions, really.
A relationship filled with smiles and laughter
Wedding party...hadouken!
Wedding...serious? No way!
Sabrina and her dragon are going to rescue Matt
Wedding party plus dragon = epic!
A formal pose on a bridge over the stream
Matt and Sabrina in front of the Castle.
Members of the FYE crew, past and present.
The white queen
The black king
The wedding rings in Sabrina's bouquet