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The back of our Save The Date postcards.
The front cover of our wedding programs.
Groom's party at the throne.
Getting laced into her handmade dress
The groom
The best man, Nick Killian
The best woman, Liz Petrick
The groomsman and Matt's brother, Dan McGuire
The groomsman, Dave Hofmeister
Co-maid of Awesome, Olivia
Co-maid of Awesome and Sabrina's sister, Ariana Jordan
First look!
Bride and father, Doug Jordan, walk down the aisle.
Groom and father-in-law shaking hands
Father and daughter hug and kiss
Parents and wedding party on either side, Sabrina and Matt say, "I do."
Sabrina says her vows to Matt
Putting the ring on his finger
Matt says his vows in return
First kiss as a married couple
The recessional music was Europe's "Final Countdown."
High fives all around! Ceremony's done!
The officiant's manual and one of our wedding favors.
Kelly, Lindsey, and Jim participated in and won the photo scavenger hunt.
The bouquets were made by Sabrina, friends, and family.
Sonja, Yuka, and Jenica are Sabrina's best friends from Kalamazoo College
Hans and Bob fly back from Vicki as Tim gets the shot for Hadouken!
Another awesome Hadouken shot with Jordan, Sue, and Alex!
Olivia, Ariana, Sabrina, Matt, Cheryl, Nick, Liz, Dan, and Dave
The whole wedding party
It's a celebration!
Sabrina and Matt In the Queen's Courtyard
The bridal party
The bridal bouquets, with flowers all hand made by family and friends.
The groom's party
Sabrina, Matt, and the officiant, Cheryl
The happy couple
Jumping, dipping, and dancing in the Queen's Courtyard
Another pose in the Queen's Courtyard
Pretty typical expressions, really.
A relationship filled with smiles and laughter
Wedding party...hadouken!
Wedding...serious? No way!
Sabrina and her dragon are going to rescue Matt
Wedding party plus dragon = epic!
A formal pose on a bridge over the stream
Matt and Sabrina in front of the Castle.
Alex and Ariana made us a Zelda themed treasure chest for our cards!
Matt is now officially part of the Jordan-Webster family.
The newly expanded McGuire family.
Bob wore his Star Trek uniform AND played Killer Uno...wicked props!
Announced as husband and wife!
A large crowd gathers to obtain balloons for the balloon stomp game.
They remained unnoticed for most of the game, which led to Rob's victory.
And the balloon stomp game begins!
Cheryl knows, them's the breaks. Or in this case, pops.
I'll give you one guess as to which guest in this picture is a dancer...
Carrie noticed the Rob-Alea-Julie-Jan Alliance and is calling attention to it.
Brace for impact!
Ben came in too fast and Rob dodged, so Ben ended up on the ground.
To all guests: Please upload any pictures you took during the wedding!
Jenna, the coordinator, was surprised at our enthusiastic guests.
Taco bar!
Is that a draw 16?
The wedding cake with entwined dragon cake-topper.
Matt took more than Sabrina could chew...thinking it was for him.
"Simply Cupcakes" of Traverse City made the cupcakes for our wedding.
Our toasting flutes match the cake topper; two dragons form a heart.
And the award for worst dancing ever goes to...
Father-Daughter dance
Dance, Dance, Dance, SeƱoras!
Members of the FYE crew, past and present.
Sonja and Jenica were burning up the dance floor the whole night!
Sabrina lost in the music.
The castle at night
The corsages were handmade by Sabrina's mom
The white queen
The black king
The wedding rings in Sabrina's bouquet